About Debra Kraft

I am a lifelong writer of poetry, fiction, and just about anything else that involves painting, drawing, engineering, or simply doodling with a palette of words.

As a Wayne State University merit scholar in the early ’80s, I studied under Detroit poet ML Liebler. In addition to writing, I’ve been building worlds to accommodate my fantasy stories for decades.

Early influences include Terry Brooks and Stephen R. Donaldson. On the subject of World Building, I owe more than I can put into words to my dear friend, lunch companion, and mentor, Lee Carroll. A navigator in spirit as well as by trade, Lee was a long-time role-play gamer with degrees from Harvard, Cambridge, and Tufts. Sadly, Lee passed in early 2012.

* * *

As you might have noticed, I’ve broken author marketing rules here by writing my bio in first person. Yes, I know the rules. And I’m choosing to ignore them. Let’s just say I’m invoking poetic license, because I can.

I’ve explored the publishing industry since the late 80s. I learned how to present myself as a serious author to agents and editors in the industry as it once was, and then how to market myself in the industry as it is. Over the years, I’ve also learned that I don’t have the stamina or the patience to truly pursue a writing career. I’m a writer, but I make my living as a process compliance expert in the automotive industry–I’m Motor City born and bred, after all.

I write, because writing is an integral part of who I am. I seek publication or self publish because sharing my work fuels my spirit.

Why “Edge of Words”?

The name of this site is derived from my signature poem, “Somewhere on the Edge of Words.”

Alter Ego

Another rule I choose to break is that which demands serious authors to shun and maintain a clear separation from “fan fiction.” I’ve honed my skills in short story writing by playing with worlds and characters not of my own creation. I’m proud of some of those works, and embarrassed by others, but every one of them has been “liked” by someone, and every “like,” or “review,” or personal email I receive from readers of these works fills me with a deep sense of satisfaction. Therefore, it is my choice to keep all of them online, and to provide links here via my Alter Ego: Freyakendra.